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One on One Basketball was started in March of 1991 with the purpose of providing off-season personal basketball training to developing high school players. Since that time, our company has evolved into a comprehensive, year round, basketball instruction and event management company providing skilled instruction to players of all ages and skill levels.
Incorporated in December of 1992, One on One Basketball, Inc. has spent the past twenty-three years effectively positioning itself as one of the leaders in team sport athletic instruction. While in individual sports, such as golf and tennis, focused skills training has long enjoyed favorable acceptance, the concept of accessible, affordable, and skilled individual training in team sports such as basketball has been gaining popularity among players, parents, and coaches over the last ten years. Ten years ago, at the start of this movement, Drew Yellen, a California based sports psychologist, stated in an L.A. Times article that "People have lost confidence in the traditional system [of athletic instruction]. Consequently, they're seeking out people with an expertise at a high level."*
One on One Basketball, Inc. Provides services through six different divisions: After School Hoops, Player Development Programs, Camps, League Consulting and Management, Personal Training, and Special Events. Through these and other supplemental activities, we work with approximately 1,000 developing players per week. Our business consists of 9 regional offices and roughly 75 part-time coaches committed to providing appropriately challenging and result oriented instruction to each player with whom we work. We have established a reputation of reliability, expertise, and professionalism that has lead to successful partnerships and affiliations with several organizations, including AND 1, Post Cereal, The Children's Charities Foundation, The President's Council of Physical Fitness, and The WNBA. We have also worked with several NBA players and have been contracted by many community based organizations.
Currently, our headquarters and oldest location covers the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area, specifically, Montgomery County in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Northwest Washington, D.C. Since 1999, we have seen steady expansion on a national scope, having launched programs in Chicago, San Francisco's East Bay, San Diego, Raleigh, Winston-Salem, Rhode Island, Michigan, and Denver, CO.
Several factors combine to give us tremendous confidence in the future of One on One Basketball. In terms of participation, basketball has become the number one team sport in the world. An ever-expanding market of developing athletes provides a favorable climate for continued growth. In addition, our proven success and the evidence of significant increases in operating revenues and profits each year of our existence, is a testimony to the fact that our philosophy is a concept whose time has surely come. While the sports instructional market continues to grow coupled with a growing number of highly qualified instructors has lead to increased competition. However, the continuous expansion of the market size and our track record of success have enabled us to grow nationally and be the leader in the industry.
* Los Angeles Times, November 14, 1997. Article entitled "ONE ON ONE: Specialized Instructors are no Longer Just for Golf and Tennis Players"
** American Basketball Council Report on Basketball Participation, 1996

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